After being more than 20 years the biggest producer of Filter Tips in Europe, we are so proud to launch Europe’s Most Famous Filter Tips in the Whole USA.

Flying Filter Tips is know for it’s high quality paper, perfect booklets and are the cheapest Filter Tips worldwide.

Our Flying Filter Tips Packs contains 12 displays of each, with the launch action you’ll get 12 displays for the price of 11 (= $99.00).

We offer each display for the amazing price of $9.00 and this for 54 booklets.

Since you only pay half of the price as normal, we therefore want to ask you to sell the Flying Filter Tips Booklets for $1 each to the public. A lot of dispensaries in Holland, Amsterdam, are using the Flying Filter Tips to give a little gift when their clients buy something else.

High quality Flying Filter Tips at half price!

Filter Tips Orange Pack 11 + 1Flying-Orange-Mini-1 $99.00
No Variations
Filter Tips Rasta Pack 11 + 1Flying-Rasta-Mini-1 $99.00
No Variations